ELLIE’S BFF (Books For Friends)

Organizations and friends seeking to provide Ellie’s books to your community can apply to purchase her books at a significant discount starting at 40% OFF plus shipping for 6 or more copies through Ellie’s BFF (Books For Friends) Program.

  1. Please completely fill out this online form, agree with the Participation Requirements and sign.
  2. Ellie’s team will review your request within 48 hours of submission.
  3. Your input on this form will auto generate on a PDF order file that will be submitted to finalize your order if the request is approved. 

Participation Requirements: 

  1. The books will not be put into inventory in the customer’s retail facility.
  2. The books are non-returnable.
  3. All applicable sales tax will be applied. For tax exemption, a copy of your organization’s state sales tax exemption certificate or reseller’s certificate must be on file. Email a reseller’s certificate copy to inspire@elliehuynh.com.
  4. Your organization (Account) will pay all shipping charges.
  5. 1517 Media [the Publisher] reserves the right to designate certain titles as exempt from this Program.
  6. Augsburg Fortress worship titles and Sparkhouse curriculum are not eligible for this program.
  1. We will provide instructions for you to place your orders directly with 1517 Media after your request has been approved. Payment will be by credit card at the time the order is placed, unless the customer chooses to open an account with Sales and Service. Credit may be granted subject to finance review.
  2. Retail independent bookstores have a separate discount program. Please contact inspire@elliehuynh.com for more information to help your business succeed.
  3. Books purchased through Ellie’s BFF (Books For Friends) Program cannot be used for profit.
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